About Chester Park

In the early 1990s, a group of retired Alaskan teachers got together and expressed their frustration over the limited housing available for middle to high-income seniors. They approached a developer with their ideas of a safe and secure senior living community and Chester Park Cooperative is the amazing result of their vision.

Chester Park Cooperative Phase One opened in October of 1994 with 100 units. A few years later Phase Two was constructed, adding 42 more units to the Chester Park Cooperative campus. Currently, we have approximately 190 residents. Many of our members are Alaskan pioneers who helped build our great State.

Our Co-op

Chester Park Cooperative is a member-owned Cooperative run by an all-resident nine-member board elected by the membership. There are also other resident committees that are vital to the operation of Chester Park Cooperative, including the finance committee, members’ forum, garden & landscape committee, hospitality, special events, acquisition, library, and the emergency preparedness committee.

Chester Park Cooperative does not have medical or care staff. Members must be able to live a self-managed lifestyle or employ outside caregivers if they need assistance with daily tasks or health care. Our Employees are trained to render assistance in an emergency, but members cannot rely on staff or neighbors to provide care.


Chester Park Cooperative Members pay for their electricity (average of $40 per month), in-home internet and telephone; specialty cable channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.) are not covered by the common fee. Although not required, we strongly recommend that our residents purchase personal property insurance through their insurance agent. Personal property insurance is inexpensive and will cover the expense of replacing furniture, valuables, and other assets in case of loss or damage.